Plan today for the education for the jobs of tomorrow.

It’s May! Celebrate National College Savings Day with VT529.

Recognized on May 29th (5-29), National College Savings Day highlights the importance of 529 savings plans in helping families pay for college and training … with tax advantages to help those savings grow.

Help your children create a bright future, with VT529. Just about any job your children or loved ones aspire to will require some form of college or training after high school. Vermont’s 529 savings plan is an ideal way for families to save for future education. And VT529 is the only plan that offers a 10% Vermont state income tax credit on annual contributions deposited for college or training after high school.

You can open an account with just $25 or give a gift of any amount. And it’s easy to purchase or redeem the VSAC Gift of College gift card.

VHEIP has a new name

The Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan is now also referred to as VT529. It’s easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to understand and remember. Read more here.