Create opportunities for a lifetime. Open an account with just $25.

A gift for the kids for any occasion. And a VT tax credit for you.

Save now for a child’s future education.

With Vermont’s 529 savings plan, you can help fund a child’s education with even small amounts of savings, and let those investments work hard year-round to help you prepare for college or training costs. Every dollar saved today will help you reduce what you may need to borrow later on. Open or contribute to your VT 529 account … and invite others to give a gift too!

With VHEIP, you get a VT income tax credit.

The Vermont 529 plan is the only college savings account that qualifies for a Vermont state income tax credit on annual contributions for college or training after high school. Learn how to claim your VT income tax credit for 2018.

The federal tax act of 2017 includes new provisions related to 529 plan accounts. See the October supplement to the Disclosure Booklet for details.