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Plan today for your child's education for the jobs of tomorrow.

Explore ‘802 Future YOU’ with VT’s 5-2-9 giveaway!

Vermont students in grades K-6: Pull out markers, pencils or crayons and draw a picture of a job you are curious about … and get a chance at free takeout and $200 (or more!) in VT’s 529 savings plan!

VT’s 5-2-9 giveaway kicks off during National College Savings Month and runs from Sept. 21 to Oct. 23, to encourage families to learn more about the benefits of 529 plans for preparing for future college and training. For each of the next 5 weeks, 2 students and their families will win $50 in takeout from their favorite local grub hub. All participants will also be entered into a drawing for one of 9 new VHEIP savings accounts (or a $200 deposit into an existing account). That’s 5 weeks, 2 weekly takeout winners and 9 college savings plans for our 5-2-9 giveaway. Plus, one additional participant will win a grand prize of $529 in education savings.

To enter, parents, grandparents or guardians (or other adult) of VT K-6 students simply upload a picture the child has drawn about a job they are curious about to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the child’s first name and grade level, and tag #802FutureYou and VSAC (for Instagram use @802VSAC, for Twitter use @VSAC, and for Facebook use @VermontStudentAssistanceCorporation). Two random winners will be selected from each week’s submitted drawings for $50 in takeout from a local restaurant or food business of their choice. We’ll randomly select 9 winners of $200 in VHEIP savings, and one more lucky grand prize winner of $529. See the full details and rules here.

Save now for your child’s future.

Vermont’s 529 savings plan can help you fund a child’s education with even small amounts of savings. Every dollar saved today will help you reduce what you may need to borrow later on. And as you contribute to a Vermont 529 plan account, you can benefit with a Vermont state income tax credit on annual contributions deposited for college or training after high school.

You can open an account with just $25 or give a gift of any amount.

Saving with Vermont’s 529 plan during the COVID-19: A message from Scott Giles, VSAC president and CEO. For more COVID-19 updates & ways VSAC can help, click here.

Gift of College gift cards!

It’s easy to purchase or redeem the VSAC Gift of College gift card, available at Vermont locations of Kinney Drugs and Cumberland Farms stores.