Open an account with just $25. Or add to an existing VHEIP account!

Give the gift of education. 4 ways to give, including the new Gift of College gift card!

Plan today for your child's education for the jobs of tomorrow.

Save now for your child’s future.

Vermont’s 529 savings plan can help you fund a child’s education with even small amounts of savings. Every dollar saved today will help you reduce what you may need to borrow later on. And as you contribute to a Vermont 529 plan account, you can benefit with a Vermont state income tax credit on annual contributions deposited for college or training after high school.

Create education opportunities for a lifetime.

You can open an account with just $25 or give a gift of any amount.

Redeem a Gift of College gift card!

It’s easy to redeem the new VSAC Gift of College gift card, available at Vermont locations of Kinney Drugs and Cumberland Farms stores. Here’s how: