Give the gift of future education with Vermont’s 529 Savings Plan

Whatever the age of your kids (or grandkids), Vermont’s 529 savings plan can help you create education opportunities for them … and offers you federal and state tax benefits.

Just about any job your children or loved ones aspire to will require some form of college or training after high school. Saving now for that education with VT529 is a smart way to prepare. And as Vermont’s official 529 savings program, VT529 is the only plan that offers a 10% Vermont state income tax credit. Contributions deposited into a VT529 account by December 31 are eligible for a 2023 VT tax credit.

It’s easy to start saving and give a lasting gift.

VT529 funds can be used for apprenticeships and student loan repayment, too!

The Vermont tax law allows two new uses of funds withdrawn from a VT529 account without adverse impact on the Vermont income tax credit: (1) for apprenticeship programs registered and certified with the U.S. Secretary of Labor and (2) for repayment of up to $10,000 per the lifetime of a beneficiary in student loans for post-secondary education at an approved postsecondary education institution. See the news video and watch the “You Can Quote Me” segment with VSAC President Scott Giles.