Grow their future opportunities. Save now with VT529.

Graduation and end-of-school is a time to celebrate your loved ones’ milestones, and is a reminder to families about the importance of planning for future education opportunities. That’s important because just about any job or career students aspire to will require some form of education after high school.

Here in the Green Mountain State, the VT529 plan makes saving for college and other training past high school easy. And what you save each year will add up more quickly with a 10% Vermont income tax credit on the annual contributions to your VT529 account, plus other federal tax advantages.

So if you’re curious about how to start planning and saving for the future education of the children in your life, you’re in the right place. Whatever the age of your student, Vermont’s 529 education savings plan can help you create opportunities for them … and offers you federal and state tax benefits. With VT529, you can grow your savings as your students grow, so that education funding will be there when they are ready.

VT529 savings can help pay for tuition, computers, room and board or off-campus housing, travel, fees, and the costs for apprenticeship programs or retraining at institutions throughout the U.S. (as well as at schools in Canada and around the world). You can even use the funds to pay back student loans.

VT529 funds can be used for:

✓ apprenticeships

✓ certificate programs

✓ technical education

✓ college & grad school

… and more!

It’s easy to start:

There is no age or time limit on when your savings are used. And if your intended beneficiary decides not to use the savings, you can transfer the funds to a different beneficiary. Learn more about the flexible benefits of VT529.