Apply for the VT State Grant: VSAC Shows You How

In the next VSAC Shows You How webinar, simulcast to Facebook on Nov. 18, from 6-7 p.m., VSAC walks you through how to complete the Vermont State Grant application, question by question. We’ll also show you how to apply for any of the 120+ VSAC-assisted scholarships. Last year, VSAC administered $19 million in grants for […]

Vermont Applies!

Do you have a student applying to college or training? Or are you considering a return to learning? December is the month most students make decisions about where to apply and line up financial aid, and VSAC is here to help. As Vermont's nonprofit higher education agency, we've planned a month-long initiative to help students […]

College & Career Pathways 2021

High school students and parents, whether you’re college-bound, training-bound or not sure, this online resource and month-long virtual event is for you. Throughout March, VSAC is offering live virtual workshops and is partnering with Vermont colleges and training programs to host live virtual tours and info sessions. Go to to register and learn more. […]

Vermont Applies! 12th Grade Spring Admissions Event

An initiative to help students and families prepare for life after high school and keep as many doors open as possible. Are you about to graduate high school and would like to go to college or a training program in the fall, but still need to apply? Maybe you’ve applied to a few schools, but […]

2021 & 2020 Vermont grads: Try one course tuition free!

Congrats to the Class of 2021 and 2020 Vermont high school seniors! You’ve worked hard to graduate high school during a challenging time in history. Whatever your plan in the year ahead, here’s a graduation gift: Your chance to try one course tuition free. The State of Vermont, Vermont State Colleges System, and VSAC are […]

VSAC Shows You How webinar: Saving with a 529

Wondering about how to start saving for future college or training, and why it is so important? To make it easier for you to get the information you need, VSAC, administrator of Vermont’s official 529 savings plan, recorded the VSAC Shows You How webinar, held on September 28, 2021, which focuses specifically on 529 plans: […]

College & Career Pathways 2022

  High school students and parents, whether you’re college-bound, training-bound or not sure, this year's College & Career Pathways online resource and virtual event on March 5 is for you. Join VSAC at the Saturday morning event to attend live virtual workshops, get expert advice, and meet with representatives from Vermont colleges and training programs […]

VSAC Shows You How webinar: Comparing Financial Aid Offers

Do you have a student headed to college next fall or continuing their training? Because many programs expect a deposit for the coming school year by May 1, this time of year includes some tough thinking for applicants. And that includes considering how to pay for that education. In the next VSAC Shows You How webinar, […]

It’s National College Savings Month! View these resources.

  September is National College Savings Month, highlighting the importance saving now to prepare for future education opportunities for your children (and grandkids). Whether your loved one is an infant or just starting school, or a preteen or teen heading into a new grade — or even already in high school or college — now […]

Complete the FAFSA: VSAC Shows You How webinar

Need help navigating the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? In the next VSAC Shows You How webinar, simulcast to Facebook on October 25, from 6-7 p.m., VSAC Outreach counselor Carrie Harlow walks you through how to complete the FAFSA, question-by-question. Register today to participate in VSAC’s step-by-step tutorial. There will be plenty of opportunity to get answers to your questions, too! Can't […]